How to build a marketing plan

One of the first things we explain to our customers is that marketing isn’t just about the content you put out to the world, it’s a fundamental part of your business planning. You need to take time to develop your marketing plan to make sure your business is heading in the right direction.  

There are many core business functions that stem from a good marketing plan, from the way your staff feel about your brand to how you talk about what you do and why you do it.  

Creating a solid Marketing Plan is essential for any business

When we start working with brands everyone has an idea of where they want to be. However, making a plan to reach those goals can often be frustrating if you don’t know where to start, especially when you’re creating something for your own business.

It can feel like you’re too close to the subject, you want to shout about everything great you do all at once, so it’s difficult to focus on the key things that will make an impact. 

This guide will help you to create an effective and successful marketing plan, cutting through the noise to outline the steps and tactics you need to complete in order to get results. 

Step 1 – Define Your Goals 

Firstly, ask yourself what you’d like to achieve. Having a clear business goal is key to producing an effective marketing plan.  

Step 2 – Identify Who You Need to Get You There 

Next, discover your target audience. Outline your key personas early on, so you can tailor your campaign to suit their needs. Are you a product-based business looking to sell to consumers? Or are you looking to sell a service to businesses? 

Step 3 – Think About the Problem You Solve for Them (And Why) 

In a world where a USP no longer exists, find out what problem you solve and why there’s a need for your service. Google made search better while Amazon simplified online buying and selling. What do you make smarter or better? 

Step 4 – Where Do They Find Out Things? 

Once you’ve found an audience it’s time to think about how you’ll target them. Think carefully about how they’ll consume content and use your common sense – would an OAP be likely to see a Facebook post? Perhaps a print advert would be more beneficial. 

Step 5 – Plan 

Now you know who your ideal customers are and how they consume content it’s time to look at when’s best to target them. Plan out the best times to run adverts depending on your target audience – specific channels, seasons and days may be best-suited for certain audiences too. 

A clear plan with goals and tools to measure performance will help you see what works

Step 6 – Communicate 

Now you can deliver your plan!  

Once the wheels are in motion, take time to see what people think. It’s important to communicate with your audience to see if your campaign is working. Listen to what they’re saying and act, campaigns can be tweaked and improved. 

Step 7 – Measure 

Through audience communication, sales, and reviews you can measure the success of your campaign, finding out what’s worked and what hasn’t.  

Step 8 – Review 

Review your campaign and build on your success, while improving what didn’t work. This will strengthen your campaigns in the future. 

Step 9  Repeat 

For a marketing campaign to remain successful it’s important to repeat stages 5-9. This way you can ensure your campaign is relevant and working. 

How Purpose Media can help 

Marketing your own business can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Always results-focused, we help you understand our processes and the actions we’re taking. We’ll talk you through the key facts and figures, and give our guidance in plain English, so it’s easy to understand. 

Our purpose has always been to help our clients achieve their business goals – it’s that simple. 

So, if you need help creating a marketing campaign or a results-focused strategy for your business, we’ve got your back. We get a buzz from seeing our clients grow.  

A team that understands. The creativity to bring ideas to life. The technology to make them deliver.