Web Works builds your web presence with Miles V Design

Many websites we review as part of the competitive studies we carry out for our clients suffer from the same problem. They have fallen foul of the 'build and they will come' syndrome, a misconception that some website owners have; that once their website has been created their work is complete and that customers will flock to their online web presence. But consider this, how many times have you browsed online and come across a website and wondered why you had never seen it before?

The answer is that the audience never knew that it existed. It seems obvious but we see the same mistake repeated many times over. Your investment in a new website is only the beginning; e-commerce is more than dipping your website in the vast cyber market that is the Internet, fishing for customers on the off chance that some business will come your way. On the Internet you are competing with bigger fish so once your website becomes accessible you need to attract your customers. They need to know that you exist.

Ask yourself a simple question, why should someone visit my website? Online search and search engine optimisation (SEO) will play a significant part in the success of any e-commerce venture, placing well in the Google page rankings whether achieved organically or via online ads will certainly make a significant contribution to visitor numbers. Social media and internet marketing will also drive awareness but this all takes time.

Web Works adds value to your business; it provides reassurance that your web support and maintenance needs are in safe hands so you can focus on your core business activity knowing that help is no more than a phone call away in the event that a problem should befall your business shop window; our pro-active service will help you to take advantage of our expertise, by using our Web Works service to fulfill your website maintenance and support needs we will help you to drive the effectiveness of your web presence. Working together, our mission for our Web Works customers is to maximise the potential of their online investment, whilst striving to build their business success.

Don't get left behind by your competition, sign up for Web Works with Miles V Design and work with us to achieve your online success. Build, and with Web Works they will come. Contact Mile on 0412 641 629 to find out how Miles V Design and Web Works could improve your web business.